Welcome to Moving To Byron

Hi and welcome to movingtobyron.com.au, a wesbite for those considering a move to the beautiful Byron Bay region in Northern NSW.

I remember my first visit to Byron Bay as a backpacker almost 20 years ago. Whilst things have certainly changed, the area has retained the uniqueness that continues to make it a magnet for those seeking a part time or lifetime change.

Back then I swore to myself that one day I would make Byron my home and after spending most of my spare time in the area, much of it with my nose pressed up against the real estate windows, I made the change and 6 years ago moved here permanently with my family.

Since moving here, I have met many ‘tree changers’, ‘sea changers’ and ‘new leafers’ who also made the change. I have also met ‘Bouncers’, those who moved here, only to move back to their original destination. All of my friends and many of the Changers and Bouncers all said that they would have benefited from a site that gave advice and tips on moving to the region and a place they could ask questions and share stories with like minded individuals.

So, here it is….Moving To Byron.

I look forward to your questions and contributions and welcoming you as a local.

Kind regards


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2 Responses to Welcome to Moving To Byron

  1. Liv says:

    Hi there

    My young family ,partner and I (in our late 20’s) are wanting to start a new chapter in our lives! We are wanting to say goodbye to the banks of the Murray river and hello to the beautiful beaches of Byron bay !
    We would love to know ; where a good place to start looking for a place to call “home” ? ; How hard is it to find a job and child care ?

    Any advise and guidance would be much appreciated !

    • andrewpthall says:

      Hi Olivia. Thanks for visiting Moving to Byron. It is still in its early stages, so bear with me.

      Byron is definitely a great place to live and if you can make the leap and make it work, then great. My reason for starting the site was to share my own experiences and knowledge and get others to share theirs so that people can make informed decisions. I hope I can do that for you. Whilst I love living here, I will never sugar coat things. My style is upfront and open.

      Lets start with the work aspect as this is really important at many levels. I do not know what your current occupations so if you let me know, I can be more specific.Generally, the Byron area employment revolves around agriculture, tourism, hospitality and retail. It is an area with a relatively high level of regional unemployment, despite the fact it being a lovely place to live. Many people commute/drive to Tweed Heads, Lismore, Murwillumbah, Ballina and even Gold Coast to work as these are larger population centres and thus more relevant work opportunities. Let me know what you do and I can advise on those areas. I have a number of colleagues who are recruitment specialists and can help me with more appropriate advice. Of course there is also the group of people who are knowledge workers who telecommute or commute back to the main cities whilst maintaining a home and life here.If you can do that then great as the salaries/wages locally are low. There are also those who create a business and are self employed, so if you have a great idea and make it work here then you are laughing.

      Child care: as a dad of small kids, accessing good childcare has never been an issue. There are a number of good to great childcare centres around the shire, from community pre schools, commercial day care centres and ‘steiner’ preschools. The one you choose will have a bearing on where you live, given that you do not want to have to drive long distances each day to access a centre. How old are your children and what style of schooling do you prefer (eg. if you like Steiner education then there are two in the area and this will mean you may wish to reside close to these areas). Importantly also and something many people do not factor in is the potential need for 2 cars. If you have 2 at the moment then cool, you are probably familiar with the cost of running 2 cars. If not then again this may dictate where you live, school the kids, and work. If as it sounds, you are living regionally at the moment then you would know that regional/rural living aint so cheap. Fuel costs, servicing costs, etc etc, tend to make it more expensive.

      Regarding living options, where to begin? If you are looking to buy here then don’t jump in straight away. The best option in my opinion is to rent first, find the kind of home and area that best suits your lifestye, job access needs and budget and then look to buy.Byron area is generally expensive to buy, but there are some areas that represent good buying if you are holding for the long term and to live in. Accessing decent rentals can be a problem and there are a lot of crappy rentals seeking big rents for not a lot. Don’t put yourself in a position where you need to find something to rent quickly as you may then make a choice that is not right. Do you have friends in the area?

      Olivia. If you feel ok to share a bit more about you and your partner, I can give you a heap more specific info. In the meantime, I hope the above gives you some idea of what to consider when planning a move. Drop me an email to let me know if this is of help.



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