About Me

Hi. My name is Andrew. After many years of city life, a stressful job and hustle and bustle 365 days a year, I finally made the move from Sydney back in 2007 with my partner Isabel and our first daughter Lola. Moving to such a fertile area soon resulted in daughter number 2, Rosie!

We chose not to live in Byron Bay township, but settled instead in the beautiful hinterland area close to Crystal Castle and the eclectic town of Mullumbimby.

Sounds idyllic right? Well to be honest it was not without its issues and at times was like going from 100kmh to a standstill in a heartbeat! There was a definitely an adjustment period and I am sure the duration and challenges are different for everyone that chooses to make the move.

Moving To Byron was set up to assist those interested in moving to the Byron region by giving first hand accounts, advice and tips on making the move.

Needless to say, we love it here and would not consider moving away. After a stint away in the city for work, I love driving down from Gold Coast Airport or up from Ballina and seeing the green rolling hills and clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and feel right at home.

Byron Bay with sugar cane burning in the distance