Guest Posts

There are many stories to tell about moving to Byron and an important aspect of the site is to seek to learn from other peoples experiences and share knowledge. That is why I would like to welcome anyone who has a story to tell or advice to give, to share it with us here.

To be a guest poster you don’t need to have a website, a blog or be a business, just have something to share that relates specifically to this blog. This might include:

  • professional advice
  • personal advice
  • personal stories
  • personal opinions
  • local knowledge

Guest Post Conditions:

  • Please ensure your post is relevant to the site topic (moving to Byron) and adds value to the readers via new information or new knowledge.
  • If you have a personal story to write about, please tell us the good, the bad and the ugly, but avoid rants, expletives, defamatory comments.
  • Your first name (and surname if you wish) will be published at the beginning of your post, along with a link to your website (if you have a website) and a very brief intro/bio about you.
  • Post length: At least 500 words to a maximum of 1,000 words.
  • Number of links allowable in your post: 1.
  • Number of images allowable in your post: A minimum of 1 image for shorter posts to a maximum of 3 images for longer posts. I will not publish posts that don’t have at least 1 image. Images used in your post must relate to the topic of your post. If the images you provide aren’t owned by you then please provide the link where the image originated so that it can be given proper credit.
  • The post that you create for my blog must not be republished.
  • Submit Post Here


I would prefer not to edit your posts, but will review the content to ensure they meet the conditions above. However, please spell check and make sure your post makes sense.

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